Series Protective

What tank cover fits the DXS 48 ci tank?

How about a NXe 2008 Elevation Series Tank Cover NXe Black 48ci?

From the manufacturer:

"The NXe Elevation series protective tank covers are specifically designed to fully protect your tank from the dings and bangs received during play. A 4 piece soft-rubber friction enhanced grip pad on the butt cap ensures maximum comfort and tank stability, while the internally mounted anti-slip grip system prevents the cover from moving around. New, two impact absorbing contoured rubber side rails have been added to compliment the center skid pad to provide supreme protection for your tank, and Specially developed contour rubber closure strap enhances fit and secures cover to tank. Also featuring a brand new reverse zipper to increase durability and make cleaning easier than ever, it’s no question why the 08’ Elevation series tank covers are the superior cover in the game today.
Specifically designed to fit the CP and DXS stubby 48 ci tanks!"

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