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How easy it it for me to build an LED circuit for my display case?

I want to build a custom LED strip with at least 20 blue LEDs.

It needs to be 3 feet long and powered by plugging it into the wall.

the LEDs don't need to be that bright.

Is there an outrageous amount of electrical knowledge required to complete this?

What will I need?

Thanks in advance!

Well, in order to build what you are saying, I would recomend you get the 20 blue LED's, a resistor that regulates the current so you don't burn the LED's and a transformer like those you use for your laptop or the ones that come with walkmans, generaly these transformers are squared and it says what direct current you are getting from them.

This is because LED's are diodes and they only work with one polarity, so you need direct current. It's not that they won't work when plugged directly to the wall, but the thing is that since there is alternating current comming from the wall, they will only work when the voltage has one direction and turn off when it has the other direction. You won't notice this because it's going to be really fast, but the thing is that you will need a bigger resistance if you do it this way.

In order to know the resistance you need to buy so they don't burn. You have to know the voltage drop that comes with every blue LED you buy. You can do this easily with a multimeter that has the diode function. If you don't have the multimeter, i think that the manufacturer has that data. You need to know too the maximum current it can handle before it burns. This you have to look at the manufacturer's catalogue.

Be careful to plug them according to what you calculated. If you calculated the circuit to be plugged in series, plug them in series or they will all burn.

In order to make them brighter use a lower resistor and to make them les bright, use a bigger resistor value.

Hope this helps.

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