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What are some good ways to stay motivated to lose weight?

I lost 50lbs 5yrs ago, had only gained back about 10 of it before I quit smoking 3 years ago. Now I've gained back the full 50 plus some. I need to get back on track but feel like I'm having a hard time even getting started. Anyone who has lost weight and kept it off or even just has suggestions for getting started and staying motivated please help...


find someone to do exercise with you, its more competitive and therefore motivating. if you feel like binging go for a long walk and take your mind off it. start running..at night time. i just started and realised its so much better for three reasons:
-less people around
-it's not as hot
-you needn't worry what you look like

so all i can advise is eat lees, and stay on your feet! if you feel tired just keep at it, on the bright side you'll sleep better at night. also, DO NOT weight yourself everyday! your weight fluctuates everyday so dont get worked up!

good luck!

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