Zee Line

If cats aren't sausages, then why don't potatoes fly during sunrise?

I was watching a show yesterday about grass and mono-brows and how some people superglue grass to their faces when they accidentally wax off their eyebrows when they're sleep walking so i was thinking, if leprechauns dont eat cheese then why do the purple unicorns snore and the green ones dont? And if flying spiders dont cry then why do the pretty undies always have to be the most uncomfortable? -.- its really annoying. But the main thing that gets me is how German people trying to speak English just add V's and Z's onto every word so in zee end zey just starvt to talk like ziss and zey forgetz to hang out zee vashing on zee line and zen zey dont dry in time for zee summer.

Well if birds lay eggs and cows eat the sponges, then why would a mailman rain on a umbrella? It's like the toaster being marries to the rocks where up in a cupboard when you eat french fries. The horse stopped when the butter yelled" ARE YOU READY YET" just as fast as a snail when using jetpacks, James Bond?......DUH!

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