Used Crankshaft

cost of new crankshaft?

how much would it cost for a new crankshaft for a 2006 yamaha ttr230v dirt bike? how hard is it to replace, ad can you also buy them used?

The crankshaft and con rod come as a unit, list price $460.

Got the web site above and look at the engine diagrams to see how many parts there are that make up the engine/transmission because both are taken apart to replace the crank shaft. It requires some specialty tools and a high degree of mechanical skill. Should you try to do it yourself, get a Service Manual before you take anything apart.

The only one I could find in a quick net search was this one that only covers up to 2000, not to 2006.

Yes you might find a used crankshaft some place eventually, but why not get yours repaired, it might not need to be replaced.

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