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What is the difference between a honda CB750F and a CB750K?

I really like these bikes but I don't know the difference between the two. Thanks

I've had both (single overhead cam models). When talking about the 1969-1978 SOHC bikes, the K is the four exhaust pipe model and the F is the 4 into 1. Besides the exhaust, the '75-76 F had .2 more compression (9.2:1 I think) but the '77-78 was back down to around 9:1. Compared to the same year K, the '75-76 had a slightly longer wheelbase, a bit more rake (28 degrees compared to 27.5 I think), chrome chain guard, rear disc brake (rear drum on K), better looking but much more painful seat with a little trunk under the tail section and a redline 500 rpm higher (8500 compared to 8000 although the first '69-70 had the 8500 rpm redline.). I also think it weighted a few more pounds than the K. The '77-78 F had twin disc brakes up front, Comstar wheels, blacked out engine, a more svelte, up-swept muffler and a bit higher redline and a few more hp. I think the regular K was rated 50 hp, the 75-76F 58 hp and the '77-78F 62 hp.

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