Snatch Block

can a snatch block increase cable strength?

if i add a snatch block to the cable on my winch truck, and hook the end of the cable back to my truck, will it increase the strength of my cable?

No. The cable will have the same strength, though it will have better lifting/pulling capacity. The force required to lift/winch an object will be cut in half by the snatch block. Equivalently, you can lift/winch twice the weight by using the snatch block.

In other words, you will be able to lift/winch a heavy object more easily, but the cable will still break at the same tension as before using the snatch block. However, because the tension in each part of the cable is half of what is was before, the cable (actually the pair of cables) can handle heavier loads. Essentially what you are doing is sharing the load on two lines instead on only one and you therefore can lift/pull double the load.

Does that make sense?

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