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can you just put any variator on a moped?

I have a honda x8r moped and just been told it needs a new variator. I have looked on ebay and all i can find is a polini variator and just wondered if it would effect the bike if i just put any variator on ?

Unless the variator say will fit your model- not a good idea unless can check fit. Some different mopeds use the same variator from subcontractor, some manufacturers make their own- and a large maker like Honda is likely to have made their own drive train. Like changing a automatic transmission in a car- would you bolt a Ford C6 to a Chevy engine? Not with different bolt patterns. Or a early Olds tranny to the chevy- They're both GMs , right? and made in house--but Chevy uses a circle pattern and Olds/Buick use a truncated cone bolt pattern. Check bolt patterns, sheave size and angles and research Polini--what did it go on normally? IF you're very lucky you'll find a application index that say yes or no whether it'll fit your Honda- very, very lucky it'll say fits honda as a drag race ready unit or quick street pickup .

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