Rebuildable Core

Is this a" Bate & Switch" Advertisement?

If a Automotive Repair Shop advertises $1,500 to rebuild and engine, **Prices based on a good rebuildable core & tax, all prices with rebuildable core, * some additonal parts may be necessary.** , the issue is no one ever receives the advertise price because there is always additional part required

That's not what "Bait" and Switch means. Think of car commercials, their prices are dependent on your credit record, right? So if you're not up to par, they won't give you the advertised, lower price.

If it needs extra parts, then it is the person w/ the car that isn't giving them a workable engine to rebuild. It's not the repair shop's fault the parts are bad.

I know it stinks, but c'est la vie!

What IS a bait and switch tactic is advertising say an iPod on sale for an oddly low price. Then, when you get there, they give you an off-brand mp3 player, not an iPod. I hope that makes sense.

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