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How to make a power generator?

For science class I need to make a power generator made completely from scrap, no store bought items except for magnets and copper wires. Its only powering a small light bulb like the ones on christmas trees that are on long wires. Thanks for the help.

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I don't know how advances your science class is so i am going to explain it very easily. You are going to need quite a bit of wire for this. First of all, you are going to need to make a coil of wire, by wrapping around some sort of cylinder. keep in mind that you are going to need both ends of the wire, so don't just wrap it like a yo-yo. Your coil of wire should look like a donut with two ends sticking out. From physics, we know that changing the magnetic flux normal to the area of the inductor (coil), we get an induced emf. This means, make the magnet go through the coil, or in other words, through the hole of the "donut". The key is to keep changing the flux by keep moving the magnet back and forth. Now just connect the ends of the wire to the bulb and it should light up, depending on how vigorously you pass the th magnet through the coil. Good luck

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