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Can I make Eletricity from tap water ?

I do not pay for my tap water, can i fit some sort of generator to make cheap power for me.
I do have good tap pressure

Yes it can, in a hydrogen fuel cell. First the water needs to be converted into hydrogen gas. This can be accomplished through electrolysis of water, a process which decomposes water into oxygen and hydrogen gas This process can be explosively dangerous so extreme caution must be exercised in this process. The electrolysis cell consists of two electrodes, an anode and a cathode, such as steel (cathode) and an inert metal such as platinum (anode) submerged in an electrolyte and connected to opposite poles of a source of low-voltage direct current (DC).
A fuel cell is made of a catalyst coated membrane between two plates. Hydrogen gas is fed on one side oxygen on the other. The hydrogen gas splits into a proton which goes through the membrane and an electron which is captured into useful electricity. The proton and the electron combine with the oxygen generating water and heat. A fuel cell will operate continuously as long as fuel is supplied.

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