Gearbox Model

Whats a cheap but good electric airsoft gun?

no pistols just assault rifle and smg type of gun.

im looking between 20-60 for the price.

a gun that has good accuracy, good firerate, and that can be semi and full auto.

Don't listen to these other guys. is the most reliable and largest retailer of Airsoft guns. That being said, you aren't going to be able to find a gun that good on that price range. has entry level models that are decent but don't have metal gearboxes and if you want something reliable and long lasting, a metal gearbox is necessary. Check these out and save your money to buy something good like these:

These are the lower quality plastic gearbox models:

Find Gearbox Model On eBay Below:

Recently Purchased Gearbox Model:

dodge gearbox model txt815s 1508 ratio1561 hp y1, do james gearboxreducer model b400hd ratio 2131, lufkin gearboxreducer model s84b ratio 4571 1760 input rpm 385 rpm output

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