Gas Leak

Will a carbon monoxide detector detect a gas leak in the house?

I notice a faint smell of gas in the house. Will a carbon monoxide detector register a gas leak?

No, carbon monoxide and natural gas are two different things. Carbon monoxide is produced when a hydrocarbon fuel is not combusted completely. Natural gas is about 96% methane with a small amount of ethane mixed in. It is a colorless and odorless gas. An odorant is added to it to give a garlic like smell to it so you can detect leakage. If you suspect a natural gas leak you should have a qualified service technician come in and perform a leak test. It is fairly simple to do and will quite possibly save your life or home. Natural gas is lighter than air and will rise. It can accumulate in pockets beneath floors or ceilings. All it needs then is a spark or other source of ignition. Often times a pilot light can be blown out and allow small amounts of natural gas to build up. Over a few hours a large amount of the gas can be released. Do not take this matter lightly, it can be extremely dangerous if it is not taken care of.

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