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how could i tell how fast a graphic card is?

how could i tell how fast a graphic card is? is it by engine core clock speed MHZ? if so which would be faster a mobile laptop GPU 5870 1gb has 700 mhz core clock speed vs a desktop GPU 9800 GTX 512mb has 738 mhz clock speed and a much much older gfx.. somoene please tell me whiich is faster

well how fast a graphics card it and how better it can perform does not really depends on core speed only .
there are many things to consider ,
like intel gma graphics sytem has core speed upto 1100 mhz and memory speed upto 1333mhz , does it mean that i can replace a dedicated graphics card , no
well if you want to know more about graphics card you need to see it's specification ,
there are things like how many cores it has , now many shader processor it has what's its speed, how much it's tessellation engine can handle . what's its bus width . all these factors count .

well another rule is that a newer core is much faster than older core and 9800gtx is very old graphics core . so 5870 is much more faster .

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