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At the time of Bullet travelling from the Pistol, What kind of Force or Energy have produced?

I have to know, what type of force , energy ,magnetic force or anything else.

There's a lot going on there.
It will depend on the particular weapon, but a common practice in rifles, at least, was to shape the barrel such that the bullet spun. This kept the path of the bullet straight; greatly improved accuracy. I don't know the method in which pistols are manufactured nowadays, but it's safe to assume this is still the case.
Since the bullet is spinning, and since it's a metal object traveling through a cylindrical metal medium, it's probably going through/creating a magnetic force, due to the fact that it's as if you're passing a conductor through a coil. ....but we can assume they're grounded, so I would say the actual magnitude of magnetic forces is negligible.
If we're not counting the rocketry of the explosion to propel the bullet, then we're only working on kinetic energy. Impulse force from the explosion (modeled as fired with an initial velocity, but has no external force from the explosion thereafter), ..minus frictional forces from the barrel and air. gravity still affects it (hence the problem of the shell and bullet land on the ground at the same time, in an ideal set of conditions).

except for friction and drag, there are no external forces to account for. and everything else (electromagnetic) can be considered internal. You can, however, bring in thermodynamic issues of ..ehh.. convection from the high temperature of the bullet to the surrounding air temperature causing some of the energy to be drained off that way. bullet spins and is propelled forward.. that takes care of the rest of the kinetic energy. potential energy plus kinetic energy of the effects of gravity solely in the "y"-direction aren't much to calculate, and there are no surprises there. just remember that friction opposes motion. so you have friction opposite to the horizontal travel of the bullet well as friction (air drag) as the bullet falls with gravity.

...that's a very complicated and moderately vague question ..hope i helped

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