Disc Clutch

What are the advantages of dual clutch kits and do they shift different?

Go to Centerforce or Ram brand clutches to see what they look like. The big advantage is that you can swing a lot lighter, smaller diameter clutch but actually increase the frictional square inches of clutch disc material. This is done with very small diameter multi- frictional discs with positively driven idler smooth friction plates between the frictional discs. The originator of this whole idea was the Crowerglide drag and tractor pullers clutch. Now they have been adapted to street cars.

The whole idea is to reduce the diameter of the clutching mechanism and flywheel. Geometry tells you it takes less energy to start and stop a given weight if the diameter is reduced.

The answer is yes, a multi-disc clutch takes getting used to. petal pressure may change slightly but the biggest difference is the weight of inertia of the crankshaft if the entire clutch and flywheel is lighter with a smaller diameter. At first it'll be easy to stall the motor when you let the clutch out. Once in motion the problem will be less.

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