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I have a 30g tank. What is a good filter and light for a tank with a stand and a canopy?

I'm planning on putting 2 or 4 angelfish and mabey some glo-light tetras with assorted corydoras. I need to know of a good brand of filter and light for my tank. It's a tall tank *good for angels* What else should I know before I set up this tank? I know about freshwater fish. I have some but I need any information that I may have missed.

I would suggest an Aquaclear 50 filter. These are great filters at a mid range price. Easy care and long life. They also have adjustable flow so that your angels don't get blown around. Any florescent strip light will be good for your tank, unless you want to grow plants. If you stick with low light plants like Anubius your angels will love you and you wont need any other lights. Good Luck!

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