Turbine System

What is the funnest job in the NAVY???? cant decide which one?

BM - boatswain mate
QM - quarter master
BU - seabee builder
MM - machinist mate
CS - culinary specialist
EN - engineman
SW - steel worker
EO - equipment operator
GSM - gas turbine systems

i would like to know the funnest job and also the hardest and easiest.... thank you

In every rate there will be someone to make everyone laugh.
There is a ship clown in every rate.
The phantom pooper / unknown rate?
The streaker / unknown rate?
The turd chaser / HT?
The MM or EN that is stripped down to his skivies because it's 150 degrees in the engine room and he still has to stay there on watch.
The GSM that wines when the ship is underway and they have to stand watch. Then they wine when they are in-port because they have to do the maintenance on the turbines that they couldn't get because the turbines were running.
The old crusty BM that has "hold fast" tattooed to his nuckles.
QM that can't drive a car?
It's funny to watch the QMs doing Semephore.
Damn DCs that can't speal Semaphore?
The list goes on and on!!

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