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is a car power inverter exactly the same as home outlet power?

ive got a psp and possibly a long car ride in the near future... i dont have a car adaptor for it, and ive heard that using generic brands of chargers on a psp can cause explosions, which leads me to think they are rather temperamental creatures.

i could however get a power inverter, would the electricity output from that work the same as from a wall socket? would it be save to plug the wall charger for the psp into that, and hopefully not have a big explosion?

"Exactly?" Well, not EXACTLY, but for your purposes, close enough. Wall power is sinusoidal, while power inverters produce a square wave output. For devices that run on AC power, this can cause some major problems, but those are appliances, such as range tops, refrigerators, washing machines, large fans, etc. For your home electronics, they have an internal power supply that converts wall power to DC. So, basically, you're taking your car's DC, converting it to a cheap AC, and then converting INSIDE your device back to DC again. So, with that difference, you're actually okay to go.

What you do have to be careful about, is that your car's cigarette lighter is protected by a 10A fuse. That means, at best, you can only run a little over 100 watts from your cigarette lighter, whether it's a directly connected device or a power inverter. So make sure your power inverter is rated for at least 100w. And the device you want to use is rated no more than 100w. The PSP is rated around 10w, so you are perfectly safe.

No device has ever exploded from using a power inverter. The device will draw whatever it needs from the inverter, and nothing more. So it can't explode. Nor would it, even if the inverter went on a wild rampage and became alive. Your device does not contain the necessary components for explosion. But people just love to be over dramatic. For your purposes, a power inverter will be exactly like your wall plug, and be just as safe.

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