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Best kind of water for drinking and cooking?

Our town's land is partially agricultural, which means fertilizers and minerals in the tap water, which comes from wells. Given the problems that mineral build-up in pipes and filters causes, it doesn't seem that drinking it would be all that good for humans. But what is the healthiest type of bottled water to use as a substitute - spring, purified, distilled? Given that our bodies need some minerals from water, but that the town's tap water is ranked amongst the worst 50% in the country, what the heck should I be drinking in terms of bottled water?

Get a water analysis of the towns water - they must give you this information if you ask for it. The Department of Public Works will be your first choice as a source of the water analysis information.

It will tell you all you need to know about what is in your water, from average levels to the worst level of the year. This will let you know what sort of things you want to filter out.

If the town supplies the water, it should be safe to drink. What I do is to filter the water that comes into the house - for silt with a polypropylene filter. Then I use a carbon block to get rid of some off smells and tastes that in the water sometimes.

I do have another small carbon block filter connected to a small faucet in the kitchen sink, for when I want a plain glass of water to drink, and this is also connected to my refrigerator, so the ice cubes taste good too.

Please do not buy from anyone that tries to sell you water filters or equipment using fear to help sell the filter. He gets paid for selling you as much as possible, not what you need.

The EPA is a great source of information about all things good and bad with water - here is a good link to get you started


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