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I need help with filter?

I have a HOB penguin 200 filter, with one bio wheel. My tank has been fully cycled for weeks now..I noticed alittle bit ago that the bio wheel wasnt turning, and the bio wheel was dried out.. so I took the filter apart and clean it, put the filter media in tank water and clean them, and the wheel started turning...I no that the wheel being dried out is a bad thing but the filter media still has the good bacteria on them(i use two filter cartrages). so my question is will the bacteria that I have grown in my tank be ok, while the wheel is colonizing again, or will the amonia, and nitrites come back...I just need peace of mind that my time growing bacteria wasnt wasted by a faulty bio wheel!

NO it wasn't wasted !!! the old bacteria will spread in just a few hrs dont worry

just a few tips :)

Safely Maintaining Filters
The most significant part of your aquarium maintenance is likely to involve the cleaning of one or more filters. Filters don’t remove waste — they just collect it. Nitrifying bacteria grow on every solid surface in the tank, including gravel, glass, plants, decorations and filter media. Indeed, most filters contain some type of biomedia designed to provide plenty of surface area for the growth of helpful bacteria. So, it’s best to take steps to preserve the bacteria on this media when possible.

Disposable Filter Media
Many filters use disposable media as a convenient way to clean the filter. When the media is dirty, you throw it away and replace it. Slide-in filter cartridges for power filters are the most common example. But every time you replace disposable filter media, you throw out the good bacteria living on it. This may or may not be a problem. It depends on how much biofiltration there is elsewhere in the tank. For example, in a heavily planted aquarium with a gravel bed, it is unlikely to be a problem; there will be plenty of nitrifying bacteria colonizing those other sites. It would be different in a bare aquarium set up for breeding, however. The filter media would be the main source of biofiltration in such a setup.

There are steps to play it safe. If your filter uses more than one filter cartridge, change them at alternate cleanings. This allows a seasoned filter cartridge to remain, while the new one colonizes with helpful bacteria. Another option is to change the polyester filter media one time and the activated carbon the next. Again, this will allow some seasoned media to remain in the tank while bacteria colonize the new media. Also, don’t replace media too often. The activated carbon inside a filter cartridge is good for about a month. So, if the polyester clogs in two weeks, it’s all right to rinse the mulm off the filter cartridge and continue to use it for a couple more weeks.

Permanent Filter Media
The best filter designs incorporate some permanent media. that you rinse and reuse instead of replacing it. So, you maintain the helpful bacteria living on the media. Examples include various sponges, ceramic noodles and the rotating biowheels found in some filters. Rinse these items to remove accumulated detritus, and they are ready to keep working.

When rinsing, take care not to harm helpful bacteria. Don’t sterilize the media or let it dry out, and do not use soap or hot water. Some hobbyists prefer old tank water for rinsing rather than risking having the chlorine in their tap water do damage. Personally, I don’t think this is a problem as long as the rinse is quick. I would not leave media to soak in chlorinated tap water, however — long exposure would destroy the helpful bacteria.

One final tip for maintaining helpful bacteria is to not turn the filter off, except for maintenance, especially with a canister filter. Helpful bacteria require oxygen. If a dirty canister is turned off, the helpful bacteria will use up the oxygen and die. Because the filter is closed off from air, nitrifying bacteria will be replaced by anaerobic denitrifying bacteria, which do not need oxygen to break down waste.

These produce hydrogen sulfide and other toxic substances as a by-product. If you turn this dirty filter back on after having it off for a few hours, a day or a week, it may force poison into your tank. If you have a power outage, it’s a good idea to clean your canister filter before restarting it. Happy fishkeeping!

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