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Subaru Outback wind noise.. spray noise reducing insulation?

Mechanic said noise comes from side mirrors; sounds like it. Is there a noise reducing spray insulation (hardening foam?) that could be sprayed into the mirror housing?

I would be very careful what I sprayed/used in the gaps in the mirrors that may be causing your wind noises. The unknown factor is that sealing one gap, can cause moisture problems in a component, possibly leading to failure or corrosion.

See if the parts blow up/picture shows you what is behind the gap... then apply what ever mastic/goop you feel is right.

The 3M Automotive Glass products are a good place to look for an appropriate solution... i.e. there are a wide variety of products with excellent documentation... and with few exceptions... there is an appropriate solvent/cleaner available for the product, should you want to reverse the remedeation. The online Catalog is amazing.

Wouldn't you just love to apply something that dissolves the mirror housing, or lifts the paint on the Subaru... NOT!

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