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Do you think your soul could be the electrical energy that powers our brain?

Do you think ghosts are the electrical energy left behind when we die?

If I regard knowledge to be the light of human consciousness, the light that illuminates the mind of thoughts, ideas, notions and concepts, then our sense of right and wrong, justice, beauty, truth and greatness are all conceptual and based upon this light. The order that we seek to implement in our physical world comes from these concepts. Whereas the light that illuminates our houses, grand squares, monuments at night, road and streets, or the light that comes from the Sun during the day, I would call to be the physical light, the radiation caused by photonic emission of subatomic particles from matter in an excited state, as for instance the heating up of the filament in electrical lights.

Then aside electrical energy, there are two other forms of energies: magnetic, and gravitational. All these forms of energies are strictly physical in nature. And however ethereal or light they may appear to be they are nonetheless remain physically connected to matter. The electrical energy that we retain within the cells, as of brain cells, of our body for their function is also of physical nature, and is meant to serve, like all other things in the physical world, purposes of either good or evil, in human sense, or the purposes of soul, or that of worldly influences.

The energy that can best describe the function, or existence, of human soul is could be spiritual energy, the energy that manifests its presence in the brain by generating thoughts, ideas, notions and concepts of none material, or abstract nature, and thus illuminates the mind with its senses of right and wrong, justice, beauty, truth and greatness, in their absolutes.

I think the presence of aforementioned ideal concepts innate to human mind is manifests in from of our need for happiness, peace, love, order in our world, a world full of chaos and disorder. Imagine for instance that you enter into a room and find that everything is everywhere, there is no order, but when you come back after a few minutes you find that the room is all tidied up and clean, everything is in its right place and order, now you can quite simply understand that someone has been there to do all that tidying up while you were away.

This I believe is what we like to see all around us, and this is what we aim to do in life in very many different ways, because this is what we have within our minds to signify the presence something, something that is more what might only be natural, something that can govern the natural, or physical, states of our being, including the system of natural energies remain operative within our body.

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