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How do i use my tv as a computer monitor for my laptop?

Well, first ya need to check what kind of video out your graphics card has. In case you didn't know, the video out requires that your card have dual-monitor support, so check your device manager dialogue (in the system properties under the hardware tab, click on the respective button). There should be two graphics cards (a primary and a secondary) listed in the display adapters heading. If you don't have two, that simply means that your card does not support switching the primary monitor to the secondary as your main screen, which is what I assume you wanted to do. So then you need to check what kind of video out (if any) your graphics card has. Most these days (after 2004, I think) have an S-video, or superior video, out. If your tv has AV jacks (the round jacks in the front or back of your tv, but smaller than a coxial (cable) outlet), then all you need is a regular AV cable (just a yellow one, not for all three jacks) and an S-Video to AV converter (AV is also referred to as RCA-style, that may be more familiar to you if you grew up in the 60's or 70's). Then hook the two up. Right click in any blank space (where there isn't an icon) and choose Properties. Click on the settings tab and left click on the box with the number 2 on it. Then click "extend my Windows desktop to this monitor". Turn your tv on and to whatever channel is your AV in channel (you may have multiple channels for this, make sure to connect it to the right thing, and change it to the right channel). You should see the same image as you have your desktop set to (without the desktop icons.). Well, you've done it! If you want to make it your primary monitor, then click on "use this device as my primary monitor" option right above the "extend my Windows desktop to this monitor" option in the properties window. If you don't see anything, try checking you connections to see if anything is not connected properly. And there you have it!

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